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Future Form 300 - Red Light Therapy Panel

Future Form 300 - Red Light Therapy Panel

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Future Form 300 Red Light Therapy Panel

Compact Design:

Dimensions of 31.2 cm x 22.9 cm x 6.6 cm (12.3" x 9" x 2.6") – perfect for targeted therapy.

Powerful LED Technology:

Operates with 300W LED power, ensuring maximum efficacy.

Dual Wavelengths:

Features dual wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm for deep tissue penetration and optimal treatment.

Energy Efficient:

Consumes only 110W of power while supporting a wide input voltage range of 100-277VAC.

Plug Type:

The device is customized with a plug type based on your country.

Precision Lighting:

Equipped with 60 x 5W LEDs and a 30-degree beam angle for focused and effective area targeting.

Durability and Warranty:

Offers an impressive 100,000-hour lifespan and a 2-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.

Safety Feature:

Designed with safety in mind, including zero EMF emission at 10cm (4-inch) distance.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Ideal for easing muscle pain, improving skin condition, enhancing energy levels, and promoting restful sleep – a great choice for personal red light therapy.

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Treatments and Health Benefits

  • "Red light therapy is revolutionizing non-invasive home care. As a healthcare professional, I can vouch for Future Form's devices—they're effective, safe, and user-friendly. They're at the forefront of innovative care, providing a drug-free option for managing chronic pain and improving skin health."


    Dr. Jonathan Hong

    Board-Certified Neurosurgeon Specializing in Innovative Pain Management Therapies

How Red Light Therapy Works?

Red light at 660nm wavelength can penetrate the skin up to 10mm, aiding in healing surface conditions like wounds and scars, and may improve skin texture and tone. Near-infrared light around 850nm penetrates several centimeters deep to reach muscles and bones, useful for alleviating deeper pain and inflammation and potentially enhancing tissue repair.

The diagram shows 660nm red light reaching the epidermis and dermis, beneficial for skin surface treatments, while 850nm near-infrared light penetrates deeper into subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and bone, useful for deeper healing and pain relief.

The diagram outlines the visible light spectrum, placing red light at 660nm near the end, just before the invisible infrared spectrum starts. It illustrates that red light therapy uses wavelengths at the edge of our visual range, while infrared, although not visible, lies just beyond and is also used therapeutically.