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Future Form 60 - Red Light Therapy Panel

Future Form 60 - Red Light Therapy Panel

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Portable Future Form 60 Red Light Therapy Device

Compact and Convenient Design:

This handheld device is tailored for ease of use at home or in the office, ensuring you can get pain relief wherever you are.

Effective LED Technology:

Comes with 12 medical-grade 5W LEDs that deliver a balanced combination of red and infrared wavelengths (660nm:850nm=1:1), providing therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions.

Targeted Treatment:

The 30-degree lens angle focuses the light precisely where it's needed, making it ideal for spot treatments.

Zero EMF Emissions:

Safety is paramount, and with an EMF emission of 0, you can use this device without concern for electromagnetic exposure.

After-Sales Support:

Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty and readily available online support to answer any queries or concerns.

Plug Type:

The device is customized with a plug type based on your country.

Photodynamic Therapy:

Styled as a PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) product, it is designed to support skin and overall health care.

Future Form 60 is a versatile solution for those seeking a targeted, efficient, and safe red light therapy experience at home or on the go.


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Treatments and Health Benefits

  • "Red light therapy is revolutionizing non-invasive home care. As a healthcare professional, I can vouch for Future Form's devices—they're effective, safe, and user-friendly. They're at the forefront of innovative care, providing a drug-free option for managing chronic pain and improving skin health."


    Dr. Jonathan Hong

    Board-Certified Neurosurgeon Specializing in Innovative Pain Management Therapies

How Red Light Therapy Works?

Red light at 660nm wavelength can penetrate the skin up to 10mm, aiding in healing surface conditions like wounds and scars, and may improve skin texture and tone. Near-infrared light around 850nm penetrates several centimeters deep to reach muscles and bones, useful for alleviating deeper pain and inflammation and potentially enhancing tissue repair.

The diagram shows 660nm red light reaching the epidermis and dermis, beneficial for skin surface treatments, while 850nm near-infrared light penetrates deeper into subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and bone, useful for deeper healing and pain relief.

The diagram outlines the visible light spectrum, placing red light at 660nm near the end, just before the invisible infrared spectrum starts. It illustrates that red light therapy uses wavelengths at the edge of our visual range, while infrared, although not visible, lies just beyond and is also used therapeutically.